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Orang kata............

Orang kata aku lahir dari perut mak.. (bukan org kata...memang betul)
Bila dahaga, yang susukan aku....makBila lapar, yang suapkan aku....makBila keseorangan, yang sentiasa di sampingku.. ..makKata mak, perkataan pertama yang aku sebut....MakBila bangun tidur, aku cari....makBila nangis, orang pertama yang datang ....makBila nak bermanja, aku dekati....makBila nak bergesel, aku duduk sebelah....makBila sedih, yang boleh memujukku hanya....makBila nakal, yang memarahi aku....makBila merajuk, yang memujukku cuma....makBila melakukan kesalahan, yang paling cepat marah....makBila takut, yang tenangkan aku....makBila nak peluk, yang aku suka peluk....makAku selalu teringatkan ....makBila sedih, aku mesti talipon....makBila seronok, orang pertama aku nak beritahu.....makBila bengang.. aku suka luah pada..makBila takut, aku selalu panggil... "mmaaakkkk! "Bila sakit, orang paling risau adalah....makBila nak exam, orang paling sibuk juga....makBila buat hal, yang marah aku dulu....makB…

What Women Want: 10 things Girls like in Guys

Simple things yet vital for all women to have at least a certain criteria on what they are looking for in a man. It narrows down the list of ideal date candidate.Here are some of the most common things women like in men.1. AttractiveHypocrites are only the ones who never include the physical appearance of a guy although it may be second on the list but nonetheless it is still present. He may not look anywhere nearBrad Pitt but at least he have "that face."
2. HonestWomen tend to like men who are honest and down to earth with whatever they are saying about things and about themselves. It is a big betrayal if they found out only 1 out of 10 things is true with what he was saying.3. Values TimeIt is important for women that their men know how to value time. Simply put, they like their men to be on time as much as possible.4. Interesting ConversationalistWho would survive adate with someone who just sits and stares? Women like their men to have smart conversation with them about …